Our work

SOREAM is a company that imagines, designs, manufactures and set-up mechanical and mechatronic systems.

Starting from your specification, we provide you with a technical solution that answer the best your needs. Our commited multidisciplinary team can take action at all level of the developement process : project management, techno-economic analysis, design, sizing, manufacturing, set-up and industrialization.

Our incubator of new technologies SOLab enables us to develop new solutions and technologies before implementing them for our customers.

Our solutions

SOREAM offers 4 types of services to its cutomers :

  • Innovation : Design and Manufacturing of custom mechanical and mechatronic systems
  • Engineering : Technical and scientific consulting integrated in your teams
  • Test bench : Design and Manufacturing of tests benches
  • Actuators : Design and Manufacturing in medium-size batch of custom actuators

SOREAM has developed an expertise in mechanical design since its founding in 2005. If your need is more specific than these 4 services, do not hesitate to contact us contact us to exchange the solutions we can bring to your project.

Our fields of intervention

With 11 years of experience in the cutting-edge areas in mechanics and mechatronics, SOREAM offers you innovative solutions from a trans-industry approach. The close collaboration during the realization of the projects allows the SOREAM engineers to immerse themselves in the know-how of our customers, while proposing innovative solutions based on the experience gained in other industries.

General Mechanics
Automotive industry

Our customers